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Big Sister Carrie Power and Lexi are a new-ish match. These two initially bonded over a mutual appreciation for french fries and ice cream but their friendship now thrives on enjoying each other's company and finding the other hilarious. After just 2-months they are finishing each other's sentences.

One summer day they decided to spend the whole day together. Their day began enjoying two scoops on the rooftop of Sweet Peaks Ice Cream and then ventured over to Pin & Cue for some bowling and arcade games and lunch. Later they arrived at Stumptown Art Studio for Big Art Little Art with huge smiles and energy.

Lexi is a gifted artist and is able to express her creativity in various forms, even creating bracelets that same morning to wear throughout the day. She decided to paint a rainbow-colored ceramic fish and meticulously selected the right colors and then carefully applied each stroke of paint. The result was incredible! She questioned whether to paint a second fish but Carrie was quick to encourage her to paint however many she wanted. Carrie helps Lexi realize her potential by frequently building her up and supporting her interests. Whether they are at the dog park or at Imagine IF Libraries or just enjoying lunch, Carrie makes sure Lexi knows she is talented, special, and a fun Little Sister.

At BBBS of Flathead County & Missoula, we believe consistent and engaging mentorship between young people and committed adults has a deep and lasting impact. Your gift matters and helps kids like Lexi realize their potential and believe they are "more than cool enough."

Your generous donations will be used to fund particular elements of our program as described in the samples below.

$35—Background Check

An essential tool in ensuring safe and healthy matches


$100—Match Anniversary Party

A vital marker in a valued relationship


$250—Bigs & Littles Event

A hosted event that brings Bigs, Littles, families, staff, and board members together to celebrate the power of mentoring


$750—Office Space

One month of providing a space for enrollment and support


$1500—Annual Match Support

Support in its entirety one Big/Little match for one year

“What I like most about my Big Brother is that he uses kind words.”

 – Anonymous BBBSFC Little

Monthly giving provides steady program funding BBBSFC can count on to help sustain our programs in Flathead County & Missoula.

“[Donating monthly] is a painless way to give. I can’t produce $240 out of the blue but I can easily give $20 a month.” — C.J. Cummings

Give securely online or call 406.752.0092 to make a donation over the phone. Checks can be made payable to "BBBSFC" and sent to our office. Thank you for your support!